The Jedha Revolt Helps Close Out Hasbro’s Star Wars Rogue One Collection

By bill - April 4, 2017

We’re going out on a high note, because Hasbro’s final Rogue One toys continue to impress.

I think we’re seeing a pattern in Hasbro’s Star Wars product line.  While the toys based on Rogue One were smaller in volume than 2015’s The Force Awakens, their timeline has been roughly the same– release in September, with new waves getting added in time for the movie’s release (and, not coincidentally, the holidays), and a final round of new stuff dropping in tandem with the home release of the movie.  With Rogue One set to hit video platforms in the next few weeks, we’re entering that final phase of the first Star Wars Story’s tenure as the main focus of Hasbro’s toy line.  And just like last year, they are capping off the 3.75″ Star wars universe theme with a four-pack box set.  But unlike 2016’s Takodana Encounter, which only added one new figure to the collection alongside three straight recasts, the Jedha Revolt offers up three all new figures from Rogue One, making it a vastly more appealing prospect.

As the name of this box set would imply, it is based on the first half of Rogue One, and features our first figure of Forest Whittaker’s Saw Gererra, his fellow extremist Edrio Two Tubes, and Imperial Hovertank Pilot, and a repack of Jyn Erso in her Jedha fatigues.  The three new figures are all welcome additions to the toy line, and I am incredibly happy Hasbro announced this set before the single-carded Jyn hit retail, which allowed collectors like me to skip her a few months ago knowing we could get her here.

Saw and Two Tubes share the spotlight in this set, for sure.  Both are entirely new sculpts, and they look awesome.  Two Tubes was one of the more visually intriguing (and most classically Star Wars-y) characters in Rogue One, and his inclusion scratches the itch I feel constantly for adding more weird aliens to my Star Wars display.  Saw is a great figure, with an incredibly detailed, fully textured sculpt from his cyborg augmentations to his cobbled-together breathing apparatus, to the wonderful scar-laden portrait of Whittaker.  The character’s limited screen time in the film answers the question of why Saw would be relegated to this late-in-the-game box set, but I’m glad that Hasbro still committed to his figure 100 percent.

Like I said, I skipped this Jyn when she was offered previously, so she’s new to me.  This was my favorite costume our hero wore in the movie, and this sculpt captures the look quite well.  I also think this is the best small scale Felicity Jones portrait we’ve seen from Hasbro, and the addition of a removable soft rubber scarf and hood affords us the opportunity to give this Jyn several distinct looks.  What I’m less into is Jyn’s odd pose, in which her legs are sculpted VERY close together. It’s very similar to the stiff, unnatural poses seen in Kenner’s earliest figures from the late 70s… and while I can almost always appreciate a nod to that formative era of toymaking, the fact of the matter is even Kenner themselves course corrected into more naturalistic sculpts by the time their Empire Strikes Back toy line was released.

Rounding out the set is our only legit bad guy, the Hovertank Pilot.  This was one of the coolest new Stormtrooper armors to debut in Rogue One, and while he’s been released in some other scales already, I’m happy to have at least one of him in the classic 5 point of articulation, 3.75″ scale.

Ironically, all three of the figures unique to this box set would make for very easily tooled and relevant variants, were Hasbro to re-release them single carded.  Two Tubes had a brother, who was basically just him with a different coat… Saw sported an entirely different haircut in the flashback that begins the film… and the Hovertank Pilots operate in pairs, making him a perfect troop builder.  Sadly, we won’t see any of these figures as carded singles in the immediate future, but they’re such simple custom jobs I’m honestly half-tempted to pick up a second Jedha Revolt pack and make them myself.

The Rogue One Jedha Revolt box set is slowly making its way to retail now. It’s in stock now at Hasbro Toy Shop, and will be surfacing at most major retailers over the next few weeks.

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