Did JJ Abrams Confirm The Empire Exists in Episode VII?

By bill - September 10, 2014

ep7-note-apple-watchJJ Abrams delivers another note, and manages to stump one evil empire whilst confirming the existence of another.

At first glance, the latest Star Wars-y viral message from JJ Abrams doesn’t seem nearly as exciting as, say, the new bad guy’s hand holding the handwritten note in question.  Maybe it’s the fact that Abrams’ new message seems really, reeeallllly intent on getting on Apple’s samples list for the new iPhone watch thing.  Somehow this doesn’t have quite the same impact as revealing the cast for Episode VII, or that a related charity has raised a ton of money for kids.

So why even mention this latest note?  Because that background looks awfully familiar, to anyone who has seen the interiors of pretty much any room in the Empire.  There’s been a rumor going around that the Empire didn’t fade away after Palpatine, and that it’s actually going strong 30 years later… and this picture kind of proves that the Empire is probably still a thing.

So ignore the blatant ass-kissing and focus on what’s behind it.  I’m not sure there’s an iWatch worth of value in this latest viral clue, but it’s gotta be worth at least a Samsung.

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