The Joker Breaks The Lego Junior Batcave

By kastor417 - March 6, 2014

Lego Batcave Kastor's KornerThe second Batcave for LEGO is made for Juniors, but may have collectors on the hunt to find the set.

The build is simple for the experienced collector, and easy enough for kids to start their love with LEGOs. The set includes three small builds one large build and 3 minifigures.

LEGO Reviews by Khalil Quotap. Copyright Kastor's Korner 2014The minifigures are original enough for collectors to track down this set. Batman’s costume is done in a royal blue deco,missing from the LEGO line until now. Robin has a look closer to the classic colors of Robin, over all it is a mix of both modern and older Robin. Collectors can take this and a newer Robin to create an original classic version to go with the classic Batman. The last figure in the set is the Joker, who is exactly the same as the previous versions in the DC line over the last few years.

The small builds are simple but have some action features, making this into a fun play set. The Joker has a catapult to launch bombs at the Dynamic Duo. The other two small builds are Batman focused; a weapons rack and Batmobile. The final build is the Batcave itself. If you own the regular Batcave from two years ago, this is a good companion piece, offering collectors pieces to expand their old cave. The looks and the feel of the build is very 80’s, going off a Super Powers feel. I would like to think if they had done one for that line, this is what it would have looked like.

Overall this is a fun set with only one draw back, the price. This 150 piece set retails for $29.99, which makes it almost double the value as a normal LEGO set with a higher pice count. The rational behind it is the larger unique pieces, increase the per piece price of the set. For some fans you can resell the extra minifigures, and make back some of the money, or wait for a sale. I got this set for $15 at a Toys R Us Bogo sale. I would have gotten this set one way or another but it was nice to find it with some discount.


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