Can the Justice League Stop Darkseid?

By kastor417 - February 3, 2015

Darkseid LEGO Kastor's KornerThe big bad of the DC world is loose in the LEGO land. Darkseid is ready to take on the Justice League in the newest large DC Superheroes set.

This set is made up of two builds, one large figure, and 4 minifigures. It mixes looks from various incarnations of the Justice League, giving collectors a valuable overall set.

There is a build for each side; the villains and the heroes. Darkseid the larger figure of the set is in his New 52 costume, and had the size needed to make him a force in the LEGO world. He has his own build, a doomsday machine, launches spheres at our heroes. The build is simple but uses some bright colors and translucent pieces that make it stand out in a sea of primary colors.

Darkseid LEGO Kastor's Korner 12The other build of the set is an amazing Javelin-7. The ship is large, plenty of seating, and looks like the Justice League Animated ship. The majority of the ship is done in white bricks, making the small bands of color in the build stand out. The ship has a cockpit with additional seating in the back for other JL members who can’t fly. The bay doors in the back give plenty of room in the ship, making it a versatile ship. The wings also can rotate up if needed with a leaver in the back. The ship also packs a punch, with a hidden nose compartment, with bombs to drop on our villain.

The ship is amazing, but the minifigures are just as important in this set. Fan who missed out on Green Arrow at SDCC two years ago, not have a chance to have the Emerald Archer. A modern take on the character, and the only thing that could have improved him would have been a full hood, instead of the down version around his neck. We also get another standard Superman with the set, nothing different from the Brainiac version. Hawkman is one of the heavy hitters in the JL, and a great addition to the Superheroes line. I expected to see wings like the Chima line, but instead they went for plastic sheets like the GL Batman figure. I worry about the long term durability of the wings, so might have to find some Chima wings as a back up. The last figure in the set is Cyborg, a fan favorite since the Super Powers days. He looks just like he did in the last Batman LEGO movie, with a hand canon, and two sided head. The colors or silver/gray make the red parts stand out, and a great addition to the JL. The head piece is also great to mix with the GL set giving fans a John Stewart, so how long until LEGO does it for us so we don’t have to buy another $100 for a variant Green Lantern.

All the sets in the Dc Super Heroes line have been a great value and hard to pass on this winter.

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