Kaiyodo/Revoltech Unleash Deadpool to the World

By jayq - June 17, 2016

deadpool bannerThere have been many characters the fans have begged the import companies to make and no one has had higher demand than the Merc with the Mouth himself– Deadpool.

Well ask no more because Kaiyodo/Revoltech have done it, and they have done it extremely well. They are releasing Deadpool under a new umbrella called Amecomi (American Comics). With two other Marvel comic characters in the works, Spider-Man and Venom.

Deadpool stands in at 15cm (about 6in) tall, which is normal for an import figure of this caliber. He features 30 points of articulation, two facial expressions (which I am assuming two heads), four sets of interchangeable eye expressions; two swords, two pistols, and three sets of interchangeable hands.

This version of Deadpool was available for preorder on many Japanese websites for 4,930 Yen which translates to about $46 before shipping. I would jump on this as fast as possible because the Yen is on a steady rise. Deadpool is due out in October of 2016, which is not too far away so do not wait too long to preorder if they have not already pre sold-out.

There is a rumor of a Figma version of Deadpool but besides the teaser image of the prototype no other information has come forward. Maybe we will see more at SDCC this year, but make no mistake the race to make a Japanese import version of Deadpool has begun and Revoltech leads the pack.

Will Deadpool be the next Hulkbuster with every import company trying to one up the other? Time will tell. All I can tell you is JQ put in his order for one so I do not miss out!

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