Katniss Returns in New Mockingjay – Part One Poster

By bill - September 10, 2014

mockingjay-pt1-katniss-featIt’s badass.  Not Catching Fire poster badass, but still.

With each movie, I find myself increasingly excited to revisit Panem for the next chapter of the Hunger Games series, and we’re now honestly at the point where Mockingjay Part One is one of my most eagerly anticipated movies of the rest of 2014.

I’ve loved the cool propaganda teasers for this movie, with all initial promos being released directly from the Capitol’s ministry of information, before Jeffrey Wright hacked one of their videos and slowly turned the tide to the revolutionaries of District 13.  But we didn’t see much of our hero, Katniss, who’s been largely absent until now.

In that respect, Katniss’ hero poster totally works– it’s in your face and bold and she looks like a goddamn super hero.  What it lacks in the cool YA-themed style we saw for Catching Fire‘s artwork, this new poster makes up for in bombast… validating the notion that Katniss is worthy of her rock star reputation.

And not for nothing, I would totally buy a NECA figure based on this look for Katniss.

mockingjay pt1 final poster katnissIn addition to the poster, a trailer for the trailer for the movie was also released, which I guess I will leave below sight unseen… since I find the entire idea preview of a preview very irritating.  The really real trailer will make its debut on Monday September 15th, in case you want to be patient like me.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yy8h3kNdcmo&w=560&h=315]

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