Kick-Ass & Hit Girl Get A New Look

By bill - March 19, 2014

kickass-wv2-featThe heroes of Kick-Ass 2 each get an updated figure in NECA’s latest series.

As a movie, Kick-Ass 2 was a let down, but NECA’s toy series has been anything but disappointing.  The first set gave us Kick-Ass and Hit Girl in their most iconic looks, and the new second set of figures sees each hero get a variant, with new pieces that work with both these and the original toys.

KickAss wv 2 NECA KastorsKor027The new Hit Girl features two all new heads– Mindy unmasked and the heroine in her motorcycle helmet.  The unmasked head is great, with a very good portrait of Chloe Moretz and a cool semi-sparkly finish to add realism to her hair.  The result is well done enough that what is essentially just a new head on the same body into a completely new feeling figure.

Like the previous version of Mindy, this figure comes packing six mini daggers, two pistols, a break-apart double-sided spear and a cloth cape.  The helmeted head is a great extra piece, which matches very well with Hit Girl’s purple costume, and even features a flip-up visor.  While the updates to this figure are subtle, there is more than enough here to make the new version a justifiable purchase.

KickAss wv 2 NECA KastorsKor033Kick-Ass is also back, in his armored look from the end of the second movie.  While the base figure is the same as the Wave One Kick-Ass, this new version is loaded with overlays of Big Daddy’s armor on top of his wetsuit.  The new pieces are very well sculpted and realistic, from the wrinkles of cloth between the kevlar plates to the hastily painted “KA” on top of the sculpted “BD” belt buckle from Big Daddy’s costume.

The armor parts are soft enough so as not to inhibit Dave’s articulation, and make for a remarkably different version of Kick-Ass.  Adding to the overall value of the figure, this Kick-Ass also includes an alternate set of yellow gloved hands, his twin batons, and an unmasked head with a solid Aaron Taylor-Johnson portrait.  The head is swappable with the masked ones not only from this Kick-Ass, but the Wave One figure as well.

I’m not gonna lie, the armored Kick-Ass has me very tempted to use these parts to make an in scale Big Daddy… while the armored pieces are not intended to be removed, most of them can probably come off with minimal effort.  In the meantime, I’m happy to have this smart choice for an alternate look for our main hero.

Like Prometheus and Lone Ranger before it, the underwhelming Kick-Ass 2 movie did nothing to affect my appreciation for NECA’s toys.  Conversely, these toys are so good, they help to soften my dislike of the films from which they stem, and if that isn’t the sign of a great toy, I don’t know what is.

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