Kirby Nendoroid is Fun Beyond Words

By jayq - March 17, 2016

Kirby-Nendoroid-featNendoroids by the Good Smile Company gives us the cutest and most fun figure of the year with Kirby.

100_2252I purchased this figure for my daughter but after reviewing it I want one for myself! The Good Smile Company has been making Nendoroids for quite sometime. Nendoroids are made to have a cute chibi appearance with their short bodies and big heads. They all have interchangeable parts and accessories. This look does not always work most people however, for Kirby it is PERFECT!

What made me fall in love with this figure was its simplicity, unlimited articulation (we will talk about that in a moment), different face plates, and awesome accessories straight from the video game. Kirby feels very soft to the touch but is made of a semi hard plastic. It really is hard to explain… something you need to feel for yourself.

The way the Good Smile Company designed Kirby’s articulation was pure genius– they used magnetic parts!!!! This option gives you the opportunity to move the figure’s arms and feet just about anywhere on Kirby’s body. The faces are changed out by a simple counter-clockwise turn, and to lock a new one just requires a clockwise turn. The magic wand and sword can be held using the special hand that has a peg hole to rest them on. The crown and the hat are both magnetic as well, and stay on with out issues.100_2248

The figure includes a base that you can attach a clear mini stand toif you choose to use the fireball accessory. Also included is a main stand to pose Kirby in a floating mode.

Kirby is selling on the secondary market for $50-$65 dollars. If you happen to find one with the Maximum Tomato preorder bonus they are selling for about $100-$150 and climbing. Most Japanese sites will offer a preorder bonus when you order directly from them within a certain time frame.

JQ gives this Kirby Nendoroid a 9.5/10 for limitless fun… and for putting a HUGE smile on my daughters face!!

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