The Kittens Are The SDCC Exclusives

By kastor417 - June 7, 2016

Thundercats SDCC 2016 exclusivesThundercats are going to be loose at SDCC when WilyKit and WilyKat become the first Thundercat figures available to the pubic from the Mattel Thundercats Classics line.Just an images sandwiched between the other reveals but the youngest Thundercats will be the SDCC 2016 Mattycollector exclusive figures this year. They look well sculpted and articulated, the real question is their size. Will they be the right height next to the adult Cats? The set will cost $60 and the kittens come with their hover boards and some of their pellet weapons and lassos.

Photographer Tony Chiappetta Stylist Alphonse  Neri

Photographer Tony Chiappetta
Stylist Alphonse Neri

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