Kornercast #41- Aqua Drakes

By kastor417 - March 21, 2019

This week’s podcast was one of my favorites I have done so far. Aqua Drakes from Good Morning, Geeks!, and Blerd Trek sat down with us to talk about all things Geek. 

We have been doing this podcast in some for for years now and we are looking to branch out and get some new voices on the Kornercast. Aqua brought a new prospective to the show, talking about cosplay and the struggles of being a content creator. We tried to site down at Panera, but quickly learned all the noises were a bit of a distraction, but we kept talking and had a lot of fun. And as many people as I meet, this picture makes me so jealous.



Aqua Drakes along with the cast of TNG

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