Kotobukiya Reveals Spider-Woman Bishoujo Concept Art

By bill - September 18, 2013

koto-spiderwoman-featJessica Drew is getting the Bishoujo treatment thanks to Kotobukiya.

Kotobukiya has revealed the concept artwork for another upcoming entry in their wildly popular Marvel Bishoujo collection.  In the hopefully near future, fans can add Jessica Drew, the Spider-Woman to their set of stylized Bishoujo statues.

The artwork by legendary illustrator Shunya Yamashita depicts the hero in a spider-like crouch, ready to leap into action, and the pose works very well for the former Avenger.  What really sets Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo aside from other “pinup” style statues is their loyalty to the characters in both pose and appearance– Drew is clearly not posing like she’s in Playboy here, and there’s no lame tears in her costume, or even lamer tweaks to show off more skin.

It’s a great design, and I’m excited to add Spider-Woman to my collection whenever she hits!


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