Kotobukiya’s Awesome New Trigun Wolfwood Statue

By bill - December 21, 2012

Kotobukiya has revealed the second statue in their ARTFX Trigun series, and it’s great.

Kotobukiya is continuing the Trigun Badlands Rumble ARTFX J Statue collection with Nicholas D. Wolfwood.  The traveling preacher/ gunman is a logical choice to follow Vash the Stampede– he’s the coolest, and coolest looking hero in Trigun, and Koto’s new ARTFX statue highlights that.

Wolfwood comes packing his giant cross machine gun and appears to feature alternate heads for looks both with and without sunglasses.  Seeing this statue– and how great he looks displayed with Vash– is definitely making me consider jumping on this series.

Check out the first photos of Wolfwood’s ARTFX statue, released by Kotobukiya via their Facebook:

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