A Look at Kotobukiya’s Stunning Bishoujo Spider-Woman

By bill - January 12, 2015

bishoujo-spider-woman-featThe latest Marvel Bishoujo release from Kotobukiya is a fantastic addition to this gorgeous collection.

Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo Spider-Woman has been out for a while, but I’m playing catch-up on this outstanding series, and she made for a great candidate.  Jessica Drew is a big name in the Marvel Universe, and clearly she’s worthy of inclusion in this series… but even with that being said it’s great t finally have her here.

The New Avenger features an all new sculpt as she poses mid-crouch, with her left arm outstretched and her head turned to match.  Despite the simplicity of the pose– and Spider-Woman’s skin-tight costume– the sculpt is still filled with the dynamic energy Kotobukiya’s designers are famous for.  From the arch of Jessica’s back and the gradual turn of her neck and shoulders, to the tense calf muscles and arched feet balanced on just the balls, this statue feels truly ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice.

While Spider-Woman’s costume is intentionally stark, the Bishoujo figure translates it brilliantly, with bold reds, yellows and blacks, and crisp, clear lines.  The costume gets a gloss finish which works very well for the figure’s overall effect, suggesting a unique texture to Spider-Woman’s clothing.  And the clear underarm webbing is equally sleek and stylized, while still allowing Kotobukiya’s sculptors to flex their creative muscles, by having the left web fully expanded while the figure’s pose has the right side collapsed next to her body.

Bishoujoa Spider-Woman 047Spider-Woman’s sleek black hair is beautifully rendered, with a wavy, slightly unkempt feel as it blows in the wind.  It helps to differentiate this statue from the more straight-haired characters, and once again adds to the dramatic sense of movement within this sculpt.

My favorite aspect of the Spider-Woman Bishoujo is her alternate face plates.  Much like the DC Bishoujo Harley Quinn, Spider-Woman features two faces which can be interchanged, so your figure can be displayed with her mask on, or off, revealing another excellent Bishoujo style face designed by master illustrator Shunya Yamashita.  The two faces can switch out very easily– the statue’s head comes off, then the bangs can be removed and the face taken off to be switched.  Every piece stays together very firmly, and the figure is durable enough that I felt no risk of breakage or damage while making the switch.

Bishoujoa Spider-Woman 039As an added bonus, there is a compartment under Spider-Woman’s display base to store the face that is not in use, meaning there are no extra parts lying around to potentially get lost!  Speaking of bases, Spider-Woman returns to the more simple, stylized bases we have seen on many recent additions to the Bishoujo collection.  It certainly works here, with the iconic white webbing and black base making the figure’s brightly colored costume stand out brilliantly.  And I love that, despite the fairly simple aesthetic of this base, the webbing is all sculpted in place.  This could have just as easily been painted on a smooth surface, but the extra attention to detail makes the piece feel even more complete and unique.

I’m sure I sound like a broken record by now, when it comes to Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo statues, but I honestly can’t help but say it again– this series continues to improve, with virtually each release being more thoughtful, beautiful and true to the character than the one before it.  Spider-Woman is no exception, and she has absolutely earned a permanent place on my shelf.

Kotobukiya’s US store is sold out of the Spider-Woman Bishoujo, but she is still available at a pretty good price from a variety of Amazon sellers.  Click Here to order yours today!

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