Kre-O Dungeons & Dragons Armies Are Ready To Build

By bill - May 1, 2014

DnD-KreO-KastorsKorner-featHasbro’s Kre-O Dungeons & Dragons bring epic fantasy battle to a tiny scale.

Dungeons & Dragons is the latest property for Hasbro’s Kre-O building figures, and the new line is pretty cool.  Combining the fantasy factions of the beloved RPG with block style playsets and a new gaming concept for the minifigures, weapons and brick sets, D&D is a perfect new addition to Kre-O’s ever-growing assortment.

DnD KreO KastorsKorner007I’m very excited to check out the building sets and the game element of this line, but in the meantime I managed to find some of the blind bagged army builders at my local Toys R Us, and there’s no way I wasn’t leaving with them.

I wound up with mostly orcs, one of my favorite D&D creatures, and they’re all very well done.  My favorites are the War Drummer, with his half-white face paint and cool drum mini-build, and the Beastmaster with his hood and wolf minifigure.  Other orcs include the horn-helmeted Drudge, a Fighter with pike axe and an Axeman.

But orcs are only part of the army building equation– the Cleric is a very cool looking human warrior, with his cool black cloak, shield and mace, and the Tiefling looks totally cool with his flared helmet, red skin, tail and twin daggers.  The blind bags also include humans such as the Fighter, Flag Carrier, Paladin, Illusion Wizard, and a Statue Warrior.

DnD KreO KastorsKorner035Dungeons and Dragons is also releasing a series of non-blind Kreons, each with a small diorama build and accessories.  In keeping with my orc theme, I grabbed Eye of Gruumsh, who looks awesome with his bandaged eye and asymmetrical armor.  The orc includes a spear, spider, mini gateway and an awesome treasure chest with gold pieces and sharp teeth.  Other Kreon warriors include barbarian Wulfgar, Lord Neverember, Drizzt the elf and Vansi the orc.  They’re a fun and affordable way to build your D&D Kre-O army even more.

The blind bags and Kreon Warriors also include a stat card showing the attributes of the soldier in question, which can be used for the gaming element of the building sets… so I’m going in with a stacked deck from the get go!

Look for Dungeons & Dragons Kre-Os at Toys R Us and Target now.

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