The Ladies Of Guardians Of The Galaxy

By kastor417 - May 26, 2017

The second wave of Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy figures brings all the girl power of the film to collectors. 

The new Guardians of the Galaxy film had some fun Marvel moments, but what set this film apart from other Marvel films was all the female action. Zoe Saldana, Karen Gillan, Pom Klementieff we all strong female leads in the film, and also are the stars of the second wave of film Marvel Legends.

Mantis may have been some comic relief in the film, but she was also a woman used for her abilities by Ego. As the BAF of the wave many collectors will be happy to get her, but underwhelmed by her size. She is a normal size figure, but the details on her costume ups the bar for figures. The texture and shading of her costume takes a plain character and makes her visually stunning.

Gamora the resident badass of the Guardians is another vast improvement over her previous version. Not only does the costume details improve, but also the head sculpt. This is a figure that could rival all the import toys, and might be one of the most accurate looking figures on the market today. She not only comes with two versions of her sword, one fully extended and one compact for her belt, but also a big gun. This is one of the best jokes of the opening of the film, and fits perfectly with the figure.

Nebula was one of the only characters of the first film not made as a figure, so fans are excited to see her as part of this wave. She comes with her hand gun and extra robot arm, giving her two looks. Like Gamora she also have one of the best sculpts in any toy line today. The bight colors and little robotic details set her apart from the other figures in the line. She also matches the slender look of Gillan, and all original parts. The comic figures sharing parts from previous figures made all these original sculpts possible, and really makes these figures shine.

The final three figures in the wave just put the cherry on top of an amazing wave of figures. The first film’s wave centered around the main cast leaving a lot, but these two waves help complete most of the main chracters and fill in some comic blanks. These should start popping up at retail over the next few weeks, so make sure grab them before they disappear.

Thanks again to Hasbro for this review sample. 

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