The Legendary Series Power Rangers Communicator is Here

By jayq - June 30, 2016

mmpr FeatBandai has been keeping the power alive with all of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy items. The newest addition of the communicator watch is genius!

mmprBandai has given us Zords, Green Ranger’s Dragon Dagger, White Ranger’s Saba Sword, Morphers, and the Blade Blaster with this Legacy Line. When they announced the communicator watches fans went nuts! There are two versions of the communicator. The one we have today can be customized with the colors of the five core rangers. You can pop out the color bands and insert one of the other colors that you like. Included colors are Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, and Pink.

This item is solid and heavy. It fits on your arm like a watch. You can add links to it if the fit is too small. It is powered by a regular watch battery. The communicator has a function that when pressed makes sounds and has flashing lights. It has the classic chime that Zordon used when he wanted to call upon the rangers. Also has some other sounds from the show. It voice used for Zordon was not David Fielding, which would have been a nice touch. Like the Morpher if you hold down the button long enough it will play the theme song for the show.

There is no switch to turn it on or off. Once you remove the tab from the battery the Communicator is on. It is a very nice piece to add to your collection. The price point on this item is $89 in the stores and almost comparable to the 3rd party sellers online.mmpr4

There is also a Tommy Oliver Edition coming soon that combines the Green and White Ranger colors on a golden tinted watch. I am very excited to get this one as well for my Power Rangers shelf as well. There is also due out in October the Power Rangers Legacy Red Ranger Helmet. From what it looks like Bandai is giving us the ability to instantly cosplay as the Red Ranger. These Legacy Items are exclusive to Toys R Us so go hunting and grab them today.

JQ gives this a solid 8.8/10!!! GO GO POWER RANGERS!!!


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