The LEGO Batman Movie Polybags Add To The Line

By kastor417 - January 24, 2017

One of the things that can be hit or miss for LEGO collectors are the polybag sets, sometimes they are a must have, and sometimes not worth tracking down. The new LEGO Batman Movie and DC Girls sets will sure to be on every collectors list.It is hard to write a whole review for one small polybag sets, so since I grabbed three this week I am combining them all. For those of you new to the LEGO world the poly bags are usually a small build or a build and one minifigure. They can be found at the end of aisles, in bins, or at the check-out line. The superhero polybags can also be just an exclusive figure, which have caused some collectors to go hunting because they are some time giveaways with purchases or games. So why doe these three polybags make the list of things to track down? They only add to the rich tapestry of the LEGO Superhero world.

Batman in the Phantom Zone confirms along with the Arkham Asylum set’s Phantom Zone Projector confirms that Batman has a plan in the film to visit Superman’s “prison”. It brings the larger DC world in the film, but is puzzling. It looks like some kind of robot, with arrows and energy rods, but no one has a clue what it is. The build is simple, it has a clear stand, and comes with yet another regular Batman. The size and the colors are perfect for the polybag, but lets hope there are not dozens of the robots in the film, because then every collector will be stalking Target stores for even more sets.

The other Batman polybag is the Joker’s Battle Training. It gives collectors another suited Joker with tails, and a Batman dummy to shoot at. Villains tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to sets, they get vehicles but seldom get the same attention as the heroes; for every five Batmobiles you get one Jokerland set. So whenever there is a chance to fill out villain props I am in. This set is again a simple build, but has some fun gimmicks with the Bat-dummy. The batarang, cowel, and bat all easily fall off, making it a true training dummy for the Joker.

The final DC set is my first DC Superhero Girls set, and I picked it up all for the minifigure. I am always looking to fill out my DC character rosters, but the animal sidekicks have not been part of the line until the Girls sets. This polybag includes a little plane for Krypto, and a Kryptomite. These little villains are a combination of kryptonite and Luthor tech that torments the Superhero Girls. It is a cute set for collectors and kids, my only wish is that the Kryptomite came with a clear stand like the Phantom Zone set.

All and all this is a great time to be a DC fan, the LEGO sets are going deep and give fans everything they could ask for. We will have more news on the upcoming sets at Toy Fair in only a few weeks.






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