LEGO Mighty Micros – Good Things Come In Small Packages!

By staff-writers - March 23, 2016

lego mighty micros bannerA lot of little LEGO fun, at such a great price.

This year at Toy Fair, LEGO had on display these “Wacky Racers” type of vehicles, and I fell in love with them at first sight. The Mighty Micros consist of a 2 pack with one hero and one villain LEGO minifig with minifig legs, and a vehicle and accessories for each.

For those unfamiliar what I mean by “LEGO minifig with minifig legs”. These are the shorter legs for LEGO minifigs, with no ab crunch. The figure is a little shorter than the average LEGO minifig.

One of the great things about this assortment is LEGO has the license for both DC Comics and Marvel comics. So the line up for the 2 packs is as follows:

  • Batman and Catwoman
  • Robin and Bane
  • Flash and Captain Cold
  • Spider-Man and Green Goblin
  • Captain America and Red Skull
  • Hulk and Ultron

The accessories that come with the figures range from obvious, like Batman’s Batarang, to downright silly, like Hulk’s turkey leg. But that’s all part of the fun here.

The expressions on their faces are all a little silly, but again, it just works here. These aren’t meant to be taken seriously.┬áJust take a look at Captain America goofy grin.

You can either keep them on display or you can race them against each other.

Now here’s the best part of the Mighty Micros, the price is only $9.99! Seriously, that’s a great price point for everything you get in a 2 pack.

I really hope this line takes off because I would love to see a second series. So many others LEGO can do: Superman and Luthor, Thor and Loki, and the list goes on.

LEGO Mighty Micros are available in stores now.


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