First Look: Civil War Minimates- Toys R Us Wave 1

By kastor417 - April 2, 2016

Civil War Minimates Kastors KornerToys R Us put out a few new Minimates early, and started a Civil War for the Marvel Mates.The first wave of Minimates from the upcoming Marvel film are a hit. They mix old with new, adding just enough to make them worth picking up. A new look for Hawkeye, slight changes to Cap and Iron Man, a more expressive face for Vision, a less zombie looking Bucky, and an all new Black Panther round out the wave. The standard accessories are all included; flying stands for Vision and Iron Man, shield for Cap, knives and guns for Bucky, and arrows and a side arm for Hawkeye. The only figure with nothing is Black Panther, but he comes with a removable helmet to reveal the face of the the prince, or perhaps the king, of Wakanda.

The detailing on the the figures is on par or above the standard Minimates, and after looking through the whole case at two stores today not one had any issues. The joins and pegs are all tight, so honestly it is hard to find anything wrong with this wave. My only issue is to have something other than flying stands for Vision and Iron Man. Anything else would have been better, even more accessories for the other figures. Hopefully that is possible down the road, because I might need a new box to hold all the flying stands I have gotten over the years. I will let the pics do the talking, so check them out and good luck finding them at your local Toys R Us.


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