First Look- Playmobil Real Ghostbusters Ray Stanz

By kastor417 - April 10, 2018

We dive in to one of the first Real Ghostbuters from the new wave of Playmobil sets. 

Playmobil has taken the Ghostbusters and run with them. One of there few licensed lines, the Ghostbusters capture the magic and fun of the movies and cartoon. This is one of the first sets of the Real Ghostbusters, which is much brighter and goofy than the main line. Ray Stanz with his tan overalls and red hair match the look of the cartoon, while still fitting in with all the other Ghostbusters.

This time though we get some fun vehicles. The main line was based all the the films, but this wave is able to invent some fun vehicles and ghosts for the guys to interact with. Ray is armed with his proton pack, PKE meter, and trap. A nice touch to his bike is the ability to attach his pack to the back. The bike has some gull wings that pop up and have some proton missiles to fire off at the ghost. The ghost like the others in the cartoon is colorful and bright with a rather haunting gag. This one carries an giant eye that is clearly missing from his head.

This line of figures is perfect recreating the magic and fun The Real Ghostbusters cartoon and toy line. Although we have gotten all the major names I hope Playmobile continues turning out the ghosts and vehicvles!

Thanks to Playmobil for this review sample.

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