First Look at Princess Leia From Hasbro’s Star Wars Black Series

By bill - October 17, 2013

SW-Leia-Black-featPrincess Leia makes her 6″ scale debut in one of her most iconic looks, as part of Star Wars: The Black Series Wave Two.

Like many of the original trilogy characters, Princess Leia had several iconic looks throughout the series, from her white dress and side-bun hairstyle to her metal bikini as Jabba the Hutt’s prisoner.  When a new Star Wars toy line launches, we typically get the white dress Leia first, but Hasbro has once again bucked that trend and started with Return of the Jedi Leia in her iconic slave girl costume first.

SW Leia Black 19This Leia is another outstanding all new sculpt in the Black Series, featuring a very good likeness of Carrie Fisher and a perfect translation of the notorious costume from the third film.  Hasbro took a few big risks here– opting for a toy who’s showing too much skin to mask any articulation, and incorporating a fabric skirt onto the plastic figure.  But both gambles pay off.  Much like Darth Maul, the fabric of Leia’s skirt blends in seamlessly with the sculpt, helping to both mask the hip articulation and keep the figure’s articulation at full range.

Likewise, the strong design of the articulation pattern means Leia still looks great despite the clearly visible joints.  Leia includes all the Black Series articulation, and joints such as the ball neck, hinged wrists and ab articulation go a long way in providing multiple posing options.  The Princess includes a chain with choker necklace, as well as both a vibro-axe and rifle from Jabba’s skiff crewmates.  Both accessories fit very well in her hands and sport some incredibly detailed sculpts… That’s good, because I fully expect we will see both parts again with future Jedi based figures.

Like the rest of the Black Series, Leia comes packed in a sharp and stylish window box, making her perfect for display packaged or loose, although a figure this good is literally BEGGING to be opened up.  While the likeness here is just shy of the perfect Mark Hamill Luke from Wave One, Princess Leia is still a great addition to the Black Series, and I’m very glad to see Hasbro taking so many chances with this line, releasing this unexpected first costume for the heroine.

Look for Leia to hit store shelves sometime next month, along with Han Solo, Greedo and Boba Fett.  Thanks to Hasbro for giving us the opportunity to run this early look at this great new Star Wars figure!

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