FIRST LOOK: Starfire Bishoujo From Kotobukiya

By bill - October 20, 2014

starfire-bishoujo-featThe Teen Titan joins the Bishoujo Collection with a stunning new statue from Kotobukiya.

For the majority of her comic book career, Starfire has been one of DC Comics’ more traditionally “sexy” super heroes.  This means in the wrong hands, she can come across as a fairly dull or even offensive character… but when treated well she shines just as brightly as her orange hued skin would suggest.  I’m really glad the talented designers at Kotobukiya land i the latter category with their Starfire Bishoujo figure, the latest great statue in this long running line of “pretty girl” collectibles.

Starfire is basically a no-brainer for the Bishoujo concept, and the alien beauty is incredibly well sculpted as she lands gracefully on an asteroid, her long, flame-like hair flowing around her as if in its own orbit.  While this pose isn’t as badass as, say Psylocke’s battle-ready martial arts crouch, I think it fits the spritely demeanor of Starfire as a character, so it’s certainly another design success for master illustrator Shunya Yamashita.

The figure’s design also allows sculptor Hogarii (Jetstream) to really cut loose in terms of capturing motion, something Starfire does to great effect.  From her mid-flight pose, to the crane in her neck, Starfire is a very dynamic figure, right down to the gap between her fingers and the georama display base.  And the fabulous hair, with its long, sweeping swirls, flows in an incredibly realistic and also very dynamic manner.  The red, orange and yellow tones draw your attention instantly, and the perfectly rendered locks keep your eye moving all around the figure.

Starfire Bishoujo Koto 001Like many of the Bishoujo, Starfire features her classic, pre-New 52 look, in this case her purple bikini, adorned with red jewels.  The outfit features a nice semi-metallic finish which stands out brilliantly against our hero’s matte orange skin, and the result is one of the most colorful and unique designs in the entire Bishoujo collection.

I kind of figured it was more a case of “when” than “if” Starfire would be included in Kotobukiya’s DC Bishoujo collection, but now that she’s here, I’m very happy with the final result.  The great design team behind this statue have managed to create an incredibly sexy pin-up girl portrait of the character that remains dynamic and filled with her own agency.  The strong use of bold colors and varied paint finishes, combined with the fantastic sculpt make Starfire a true standout, among the Bishoujo series, and that long, stunning hair truly ties the entire figure together perfectly.

Starfire is available now for preorder at Kotobukiya’s web store, and should be in stock very soon.

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