FIRST LOOK: Transformers Generations Quickslinger & Brake Neck

By bill - May 7, 2015

TF Quickslinger Brake Neck featHasbro’s Combiner Wars get G1-accurate with the release of Quickslinger and Brake Neck.

The first two waves of Transformers Generations Combiner Wars figures gave us all new versions of the gigantic Superion and Menasor.  But both teams– the Aerialbots and Stunticons, respectively– featured some new team members, causing a divergence from the classic G1 crew.  This does not even bring into consideration the unique colors of the new recruits, resulting in entirely new limbs for the Autobot and Decepticon titans.  Obviously, this is a big deal to fashion-forward war machines like the these guys.

Thankfully, Hasbro has offered up an inspired solution for anyone hoping to reunite the vintage 80s teams and assemble a more G1 accurate Superion or Menasor.  The final members of each squad, Aerialbot Quickslinger (nee Slingshot) and Stunticon Brake-Neck (formerly known as Breakdown) are being released as shared exclusives.  Both figures will be available exclusively through online retailers including,,,, Entertainment Earth, BigBadToyStore, Diamond Comics and Hasbro Toy Shop starting May 22nd.

TF Quickslinger Brake Neck 019Both Quickslinger and Brake-Neck make great additions to their respective teams, and serve as very nice updates to the vintage characters.  Their presence here, as both extra recruits for each army and alternate limbs for their combined forms, adds another fun layer to the “Scramble City” modular dynamic the Combiner Wars figures are based on.

Our new Autobot shares the same body and vehicle mode as Firefly, but with a unique paint deco and an all new headsculpt.  Similarly, Brake-Neck is essentially Dead End with a new head and different paint apps.  For the Aerialbots, I think this similarity is a perfect representation of their uniformity, while also providing Superion with four jet-based limbs instead of the helicopter.  I’m a little more mixed on Brake-Neck, as I feel uniformity kind of goes against the anarchic style of the Stunticons and Menasor, but he’s such a cool figure I can’t argue too much.

TF Quickslinger Brake Neck 007Like the other Stunticons, Brake-Neck’s sculpt is packed with personality, and he has a stocky bulk that fits the thuggish nature of his character.  The figure transforms from robot to car mode with ease, and his limb conversion is simple as well, while providing a nice, subtle variance to Menasor’s overall look.  Quickslinger features another concise transforming feature, and his red, white and black deco blends in perfectly with his teammates in any mode you choose to keep him in.

I really like these new Combiner Wars exclusive figures.  While making prudent reuse of parts, each figure feels like a unique and worthwhile addition to the line, adding soldiers to the ranks of the Aerialbots and Stunticons, and some variance to their combined forms.

Thanks to Hasbro for giving us an early look at Quickslinger and Brake-Neck!  Both online exclusives will be available starting May 22nd, and they’re well worth adding to your Generations collection.

There’s even more big Transformers stuff taking place this May.  Here’s a rundown of everything Transformers fans can look forward to in the coming weeks:

Mid-May – The celebration kicks off with the latest round of fans’ choice voting for the TRANSFORMERS Hall of Fame. Who will be a part of the Class of 2015 and join the ranks of Optimus Prime, Megatron, and other legendary TRANSFORMERS? You decide!

May 13 – IDW Publishing releases TRANSFORMERS #41, the latest chapter of their epic COMBINER WARS storyline.

May 22 – AERIALBOT QUICKSLINGER and STUNTICON BRAKE-NECK will be available exclusively through participating online retailers, such as,,,, Entertainment Earth, BigBadToyStore, Diamond Comics and Hasbro Toy Shop. With these two new figures, fans are finally able to complete their G1-accurate SUPERION and MENAOR figures! In addition to these all-new toys, several vendors will be running special promotions on TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS: COMBINER WARS figures, providing fans with an ideal way to complete their collections.

Late May – TRANSFORMERS fans will come together on the official TRANSFORMERS Facebook page ( for an exciting new product reveal.

May 27 – The COMBINER WARS battle comes to a head in IDW Publishing’s TRANSFORMERS WINDBLADE – COMBINER WARS #3.

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