Loot Crate December 2016 – ‘REVOLUTION’ Unboxing

By bill - December 31, 2016

You say you want a revolution?  Loot Crate has got you covered.

I promise to leave politics (mostly) out of this review, but let’s face it– we are now living in an America where Nazis are considered an acceptable part of society (and some even get lucrative book deals)… and in less than a month, our country will be run by a nihilistic, xenophobic, thin-skinned demagogue whose main mission seems to be to burn down the world as we know it.

Getting nerdy, it’s equally obvious that the biggest event in pop culture this December was Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which sheds light on how the Rebel Alliance’s own revolution paved the way for the Original Trilogy.

So no matter which evil empire you feel needs to be opposed, it’s hard to deny REVOLUTION is in the air.  It’s also in this month’s Loot Crate, with a collection of rebellious swag from Mr. Robot, Firefly, Assassin’s Creed, and more authority defying pop culture staples.

One quick reminder before we unbox this Crate– you can sign up for Loot Crate HERE. There’s a number of options available including the classic monthly Crate, Loot DX, the Sanrio Small Gift Crate, and more.

Now let’s televise this REVOLUTION:


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