Loot Crate June 2016 – ‘DYSTOPIA’ Unboxing

By bill - June 28, 2016

loot-crate-dystopiaLoot Crate welcomes us to DYSTOPIA this month… Let’s see what this “Nice Place To Live Die” has in store for us.

Dystopian worlds are one of the biggest tropes in fiction, whether we’re talking classic literature, movies, or video games, and Loot Crate has selected some of the most iconic dystopias in pop culture history for their June 2016 lineup.  The DYSTOPIA Crate has a unique look and feel, with Loot Crate not only curating some cool collectibles around this theme, but also sharing some fun articles in the monthly magazine.

Loot Crate Dystopia 001

Before we delve into the artifacts from future worlds gone wrong, let’s start with some quick housekeeping notes:

1. Your recommended listening while reading this post and/or unboxing your DYSTOPIA Crate is this classic by The Pixies, which I’m hoping will evoke fond memories of the dystopia-in-the-making we witness at the end of Fight Club.  If you want to be more on the nose with the dystopia theme, alternately you can listen to REM’s “It’s The End Of The World (And I Feel Fine)”


2. You can sign up for Loot Crate HERE. There’s a number of options available including the classic monthly Crate, Loot Pets, Loot Gaming, the Firefly Crate, the limited edition Ghostbusters Crate and more.

With that out of the way, let’s venture forth into DYSTOPIA…

Loot Crate Dystopia 002

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