Loot Crate September 2016 – ‘SPEED’ Unboxing

By bill - October 4, 2016

loot-crate-speedGo from zero to sixty with us, as we unbox Loot Crate’s September SPEED Crate.

I’m gonna start this unboxing with a confession– I’ve never really been a “car guy.”  I love my car… and I’ve loved basically every car I’ve ever owned… but I’m not one of those perpetual tinkerers, I’m not too crazy about driving most of the time, and were I living in a major metropolitan, I’d probably be more than content to rely on public transit and my own legs to get me around.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the lore and mythology behind car culture, whether we’re talking 50’s street racers, or legendary road trips like the trek Sal Paradise took in On The Road.  And if I’m gonna have to drive, I figure I might as well go fast… so even a boring old non-car guy like me can still appreciate Loot Crate’s September theme, SPEED, which does a great job of celebrating multiple aspects of high velocity geekdom.

Before we start this unboxing, I want to get a few house rules out of the way:

1. Your recommended listening while reading this post and/or unboxing your SPEED Crate is, well, any speed metal will do.  I suggest you start with Motorhead and see where the winds carry you.

2. You can sign up for Loot Crate HERE. There’s a number of options available including the classic monthly Crate, Loot Pets, the Halo Crate, and more.

With that out of the way, it’s time to hit the gas:


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