Lots Of Little Looks At American Horror Story: Asylum

By bill - September 18, 2012

FX has been fast and furious in releasing teaser trailers for American Horror Story: Asylum, the second season of Ryan Murphy’s creepy, campy and vampy thriller.

American Horror Story was one of those shows that really grew on me.  I’m not sure if the show got better, or if it took me a few episodes to get what they were going for, but by the fourth or fifth week, I was absolutely hooked.  There was a cool borderline EC Comics vibe to the entire show, and Season One featured some great turns by Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott and especially Jessica Lange, whose vampy Constance Langdon delivered a performance oozing with Southern Gothic flair.

American Horror Story isn’t so much straight-up horror as it is a sleazy supernatural drama, with a brilliant blend of creepiness and high camp.  And its multi-season structure is very interesting to me– rather than continue the storyline from the Season One finale, Season Two will be its own thing entirely, with a new location, a new cast of characters and an all-new storyline.  One of my biggest holdups during the first few episodes was sustainability– how long can you keep one scary story going before it gets so ridiculous it’s no longer impactful– and rebooting every season into something entirely new is a brilliant way to avoid going stale.

And just to add a fun Leone twist, the show will be rolling previous actors back into the fold, but as brand new characters.  While I’ll certainly miss Constance, I’m even more excited to see what other fun Lange has up her sleeve for her Season Two character.  The addition of greats like Chloe Sevigny, James Cromwell, and yes– even Adam Levine– only add more intrigue and promise to the new season.

FX has been dropping lots of creepy promo clips to hype the new season, which I’ve collected below for your viewing pleasure. I think my favorites are “Woods” because it’s so damn weird and “Veiled” if only for its awesome use of sound.  AHS Season Two kicks off Wednesday October 17th on FX… I am totally looking forward to it!





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