I Love Lego’s Mixels

By bill - May 12, 2014

Lego-Mixels-featLego’s buildable creatures are silly, charming and totally fun.

One of Lego’s big reveals for 2014 was Mixels, a new line of buildable creatures.  Striking the perfect balance between weirdness and cuteness, these little guys are easy to put together and tons of fun to play with.  The setup is simple– these creatures each belong to a tribe with a certain power, ranging from fire to electricity to rock.  Each tribe is starting off with three characters, which can be re-arranged and combined into one bigger creature or the trio of smaller ones.

The Infernites are the fire-themed characters, including Flain, Vulk and Zorch.  Each figure is composed of red bricks and include snap-on flame pieces.  The rock-based Cragsters are black and grey, and include Shuff, Seismo and Krader, and the yellow Electroids feature Teslo, Zaptor and Volectro, each with blue lightning accents.

What makes these appealing are the great character designs, which are adorable and very silly.  From Volectro’s spiky hair to Zorch’s eyebrows, there are lots of great parts included to bring the personality of each character to the forefront.  The figures come in poly bags, and are very easy to assemble– most are made up of about 70 pieces, a mix of classic Lego parts and some new designs including big Muppet-esque eyeballs.

I’ve picked up about half of the launch wave at this point, and spent well under an hour building the whole lot of them.  They stand in the ballpark of three inches tall, and are as well engineered as any other Lego toys, so they’re nice and sturdy.  Once assembled, each figure features multiple points of articulation, including hinged arms, legs ankles and more moving parts on some based on their design.  Even after they’re put together, these toys are lots of fun to pose and play with, and they look awesome when the whole tribe is standing together.

Mixels is being supported by a series of shorts starring the characters on Cartoon Network, and Lego has at least two more waves– each with two new tribes– planned for this year.  I’m glad these guys seem to be selling well out of the gate.  Retailing for around $5 per figure, the Mixels are a great value, and totally feel worth that price tag.  I’m looking forward to collecting and building more of these strange little guys, and can’t wait to see what other fun designs the Lego team has in store for this series!

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