Mad Max: Fury Road Gets a Badass Poster

By bill - July 23, 2014

fury-road-featGaze upon a killer image from the new Mad Max movie.

One of the movies I’m most keen on this Comic Con is Fury Road, the new Mad Max sequel.  Everything about this movie sounds awesome, and while this SDCC exclusive new poster keeps things simple– a hazy desert with Max in the background and his beast of a vehicle in the foreground– it totally works.

Fury Road has been hinted to be basically one big, awesome 90 minute chase scene, which works perfectly in the world of Mad Max.  This poster feels like the latest evidence in the movie’s corner… it definitely gets the look right, so hopefully the footage itself will be just as awesome.

We’ll find out later this week, as Fury Road‘s time at Comic Con is only beginning to rev up.. But this is a hell of a start!

BtQDDakCAAEkfwm.jpg large

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