MAFEX Armored Batman is Full of Justice

By jayq - November 23, 2016

batman-mfxMAFEX keeps rolling out the DC cinematic universe goodies from BvS and the latest addition of the Armored Batman shows they are in the game!

mb3Armored Batman is number #23 in their line. Each figure is numbered as they release and with each one they seem to get better and better. Batman comes with two sets of extra hands, the super grapnel gun, and a clear stand. Could there have been more accessories included?  I think so; maybe a battle damaged head, or maybe more weapons would have made this figure feel more complete. The next Batman, Nightmare Batman,  releases in a few months and  he will come with the krytonite staff, which seems like a smart marketing tool to keep people to buy this line of figures. They continue this theme with the initial Suicide Squad Joker, later releases in the line will have accessories for other figures.

Armored Batman is detailed to the Nth degree with fantastic paint shading and realistic scuffs to show that this armor means business. The cape is a denim like color that makes it look like it has seen action, and also has a wire sewn in for pose-ability. The hands attach with no issues, allowing collectors to swap out without worry of breaking. My only concern with this figure was a loose right leg, which is issue with some of the MAFEX Superman figures and it does have a simple fix with some floor polish or clear nail polish (please look up the DIY before jumping in). The loose leg did not hinder and poses as it held on its own weight and when I needed some help the clear stand that is packed in did the job of the extra support.mb4

MAFEX has Wonder Woman releasing in Oct/Nov, Knightmare Batman in Dec/Jan, and then the Suicide Squad figures start in Dec/Jan as well. MAFEX are a nice alternative if you missed out on a S.H. Figuart or like the opportunity to have more accessories for your figures as MAFEX does include more bang for the buck per say.

JQ gives the Armored Batman from MAFEX a 8/10 for an amazing sculpt and awesome poseability.


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