The Man-Bat Attacks Lego Batman

By kastor417 - January 10, 2014

Lego Man Bat Attack Kastor's KornerThe Lego DC sets start this year off with a bang. The second set of the year is the Man Bat Attack adding a new Bat-copter and a New 52 Nightwing to the growing hero roster. The first set of 2014 is a DC set, giving fans an updated Nightwing and new villain. The set comes with two builds and 3 minifigures.

The minifigures are a great addition to the DC line. The Batman is nothing new, he has been part of the line since the beginning. It is just the standard 1989 movie version of the character, which has been seen at least twice a year since Lego restarted the line two years ago. The Man-Bat is a mix of old parts, which many fans have been doing on their own. The upper body and head comes from the vampire bat figures from the Monster Fighters line. The pants are just plain blue, but some fans have swapped them with the Werewolf pants from Minifigures wave 4 or the Werewolf set giving them a ripped look. The final figure is Nightwing in his New 52 colors. Nightwing has not been part of the DC line since the old Arkham Asylum set years ago, and that one with the classic blue are going for a lot of money on Ebay. So any fans of the character will want to grab this less expensive set if they want him. He has printing on both front and back, including his head.

The two builds for this set are the Nightwing glider and Bat-copter. The glider is a simple build, incorporating the new red and black color scheme from the New 52. The Bat-copter is nothing special, but will add the the arsenal of vehicles for the Dark Knight. It has a hook and spinning blades, but does not have any wow factor.

The real draw of the set are the minifigures, and at for around $20 on Amazon this set is a great price.

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