Man Of Steel Movie Masters Superman Review

By bill - April 28, 2013

MM Superman featThis is the movie Superman figure DC fans deserve (and the one they need).

Mattel’s Man of Steel collection has hit Wal-Mart a few days prior to releasing at retail everywhere, and a select few Wal-Mart stores were goodly enough to include the Man of Steel Movie Masters in their preview assortment.  The highly detailed 6″ scale figures see the release of Superman, Jor-El and General Zod, with three more figures to follow later this Summer.  One of those “to follow” figures is a much cooler Zod in Kryptonian armor, and Superman’s dad sold out everywhere instantly at every store I checked, but I managed to score the Superman figure, who’s really quite fantastic.

MM Superman 9Like past Movie Masters, this Superman is quite accurate to his on screen appearance, with a wonderful all-new sculpt filled with costume detailing and texture.  I’ll admit the tweaks to the classic Superman look took some getting used to, but this figure makes the most of the updated style, and there is not an inch of the costume that wasn’t paid full attention.

The paint is equally excellent, with deep, rich hues of blue and red combining nicely with gold and steel grey accents, making this one of the darker but very well-balanced Superman toys.  And speaking of balance, the figure even includes a very cool S-Shield display stand to help hold plenty of poses!  While this is Supes’ only accessory, it’s a welcome one.

MM Superman 6The portrait of Henry Cavill is fair, but gets the point across.  The sculpt itself is quite good, capturing the hero with a confident determination on his face.  It’s slightly too cartoonish to look exactly like the actor, but it definitely feels like Superman.  The paint apps can impact the likeness– it seems from the figures I saw that the eyes can help or hurt the likeness… I found one that I was happy with after rifling through the pegs for a minute.  Oddly, the very slight 5 o’ clock shadow wash on his lower face was nice and subtle across the board.  It’s a risky detail to add in, since it can get over the top so easily, but this figure really pulls it off.

Superman is a truly impressive figure, packed with detail and remarkably playable. His articulation helps in the latter department, as he sports virtually all the same moving parts as the Batman series Movie Masters. The one missing piece– and it’s sadly an important one– is an ab crunch. While he features a swivel waist, a hinge in the torso would allow for so many more posing options on this guy, it’s a shame he didn’t get one.

Overall, Mattel’s recent winning streak continues strong with this figure. I’m very impressed with the level of design detail and quality control on display here. It’s a shame more Wal-Mart stores aren’t carrying this collector oriented line (of the ones by me, only two got them in)… I truly believe that given the choice, and kid would eat this figure up in a heartbeat, even if he cost twice as much as one of the 4″ basic figures.

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