Man Of Steel Movie Masters Have Been Unveiled

By bill - February 1, 2013

Is there anybody waiting to do their product reveals at Toy Fair?

Images of Mattel’s Man Of Steel Movie Masters have hit the web, showing off the movie-accurate 6″ figures based on Superman, General Zod and Jor-El.  The three look to follow a relatively uniform style with past Movie Masters like the Batman and Green Lantern lines, and they look pretty great!

The actor portraits are remarkably accurate, especially Russell Crowe, and I actually dig the look of his figure– he’s well sculpted and features a new looking costume… something I was not expecting after all the talk of on-set drama with Crowe’s costume not fitting correctly.

Like the Green Lantern movie waves, it looks like these guys lost their ab crunch, which is a shame, but aside from this drawback they look like another strong entry into the Movie Masters legacy.  I’m curious if Mattel is dialing back the line to just these three figures (remember, Dark Knight Rises cut back to only six figures after Green Lantern‘s twelve flopped).  It might not be a bad move, especially since the new Superman movie is essentially an untested property, coming off the dud that was Superman Returns.

I’m sure we’ll get more details on this series at Toy Fair in a few weeks… but what do you think?  Are you cool with a small, concise line of only a few figures, or do you want a bigger variety?  And what would you choose for a Build-A-Thing for this line, to follow up on Parallax and the Batsignal?

Source: Action Figure Pics

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