New Man Of Steel Trailer Is Awe-Inspiring

By bill - April 17, 2013

man-of-steel-featWe’re finally starting to see what kind of movie Man of Steel is going to be.

I am loving this new Man of Steel trailer.  It’s incredibly well edited, starting slow with a remarkably effective buildup toward the payoff that is the last 30 seconds, as we finally get all the things we’ve been speculating about– epic, aerial battles, Supes and Lois Lane, General Zod being all kinds of imposing… it’s a fantastic three minute window into a film that just keeps looking more and more promising.

I was concerned about the team-up of Christopher Nolan and Zac Snyder on this project, and still kind of am– Nolan’s penchant for grounding fantasy in a layer of somber stuffiness, combined with Snyder’s sometimes crippling focus on allegiance to source material could have left this project a mess.  But, at least based on this trailer, they’re doing something very different here– instead of a rehash of grim ‘n gritty Dark Knight, Man of Steel looks to really be a spectacle kind of movie.  There’s a sense of wonder woven into the way this trailer manipulates you, and it left me with a huge smile on my face, and a feeling not far off from the first time I saw the classic Christopher Reeve poster with the tag line “You will believe a man can fly.”

Superman is always a tough character to adapt, since he’s kind of too perfect (translation: boring). The narration in this trailer is a bit heavy handed, but it boils down a great character summary of our hero, and proves to me the filmmakers really get what makes Superman special.  And I dig the hell out of the idea that Clark’s off Superboy-ing it up in secret as he grows up– the story of an established hero stepping squarely into the public eye seems like a neat angle to tell an interesting story.

Most people I know have been cautious about the new Superman movie, but I’m curious to see if this trailer changes any other minds than mine.  What do you think?  Are you stoked for Man of Steel now?

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