Review: Marauder Task Force Action Figures And Accessories

By hopkins - July 8, 2015

marauder-task-forceBattle tested.

Late last year Marauder Inc. held a Kickstarter program to deliver action figures designed by their team. They battled some ups and downs, but always communicated well.  If you didn’t get in on this campaign you’re missing out.

Included in their new line are Desert Ops and Night Ops figures. Each comes with a whole array of guns, and add-on accessories. Standing in at 3.75 inch these figures are by far one of the best designed to date.

Night Ops includes two heads, a pistol, a long range rifle, multiple pockets, vest, and knives. He is decked out in black fatigues, and peg holes on the vest and body allow you to apply the pockets, gun, and holsters. Included is a special designed black stand that connects with other stands included with their figures.

The Desert Ops figure, in a desert camouflage, includes a helmet, vest, rifle, pistol, multiple pockets,and holsters. Again peg holes allow for placing pockets, gear, and knives on the vest and figure. How they are placed is completely up to you. Also included with the figure is a  special designed clear stand.

Both figures handled playing very well. The add-on accessories had to be handled with care as some could fall off at times if handled to rough. The design is fairly unique and makes for a great change of pace compared to their Hasbro counterparts. The only thing missing is their own unique packaging… hopefully we will see that soon with the success of the first Kickstarter.

Currently these figures can now be purchased on Marauder’s website along with ample accessories, such as weapons and grenades.  Marauder John, and Marauder Ruben were very helpful with everything and treat their fans well. There are hints of a second series in the works, so grab these before they are all gone. I’m looking forward to Series Two and beyond.

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