Marvel Debuts Their Cinematic Ant-Man

By bill - July 23, 2014

ant-man-featMarvel’s smallest (and most troubled) cinematic hero sure looks great!

There’s been a whole slew of posters and images and teasers launching along with Comic Con tonight, but no others but this, the first poster for Marvel’s Ant-Man, feature a hero riding an insect.  Maybe it’s just the high I’m on after seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, but I absolutely adore Marvel’s brass balls when it comes to not shying away from the weirdness of their heroes.

I mean, he’s riding a goddamn ANT on his first poster!  It makes for a great image, too, and offers a really good first look at what Ant-Man’s movie costume will look like.  This poster feels like a confident first step for this movie, which has been mired in behind the scenes turmoil since before Marvel and original director Edgar Wright parted ways.

While I’d love to have seen Wright’s version of the hero on screen, I’m all of the sudden a little happy Marvel didn’t scrap the project entirely, and I’m really still pushing for this one to be a winner.

Ant-Man-Comic-Con_612x942 Source: EW

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