Marvel Already Developing Captain America 3

By bill - January 29, 2014

cap-2-poster-featMarvel Studios is gearing up for a third Captain America adventure already.

Early buzz on Captain America: The Winter Soldier has been quite positive, and as we approach the April 4th release date, the excitement will only build.  It looks like Marvel is not wasting any time, post- Winter Soldier, as development of a third Cap movie is already underway, apparently with Community vets Anthony and Joe Russo once again directing.

As a dye in the wool Cap fan, I’m obviously thrilled by this (not overly surprising) news, since it means we should have lots more Steve Rogers on the big screen, between Cap 3 and the next two Avengers movies.  It also seems like a strong vote of confidence in Winter Soldier, to be talking sequel already… I’m curious if this means the second Cap installment might end with a cliffhanger?  It’s one of the few comic book tropes Marvel has yet to weave in to their live action universe, so maybe?

We’ll find out on April 4th, when I am confident Captain America 2 will kick all our asses.

Source: Variety

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