Marvel Legends Brings The Endgame

By kastor417 - April 29, 2019

The newest Avengers wave of Marvel Legends is mostly Endgame with some comic figures mixed in. 

This will be a movie spoiler free zone so don’t worry taking a look at the Avengers Endgame wave of Legends. In Legends we usually get 4 movie figures with a couple of comic figures mixed in, but to keep up the secrecy around the movie this was has a lot more comic characters then movie. And the movie figures are a mix of Endgame and Infinity War. Hercules and Citizen V have been on many collectors shortlist and they deliver on all levels. Living Laser and Nighthawk not so much, but have cool designs but can think of many others that could have been part of this wave. Ebony Maw helps to round out the last of the Black Order, and captures his on screen look to a tee. Captain America, Ronin, and the BAF of Thanos all look great though according to INfinity War Thanos was never in armor with all the stones, so he look a little out of place. It was also a great move to put the unmasked Ronin head in the Target two pack giving anyone who was lucky enough to have a Target that stocked it a complete Clint. Cap shares the body from the Target Two pack but is gray compared to the trailers white suit. Overall a solid wave, with 2 waves coming later in the year with some film spoilers no doubt.

Thanks to Hasbro for these sample figures for review.

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