Thor And Black Window Are Ready To Fight the Black Order

By kastor417 - August 23, 2018

Thor leads this wave of Marvel Legends to take on part of the Black Order.

Of the two Infinity War Marvel Legends Wave this is the stronger. It has some amazing likenesses to the actors and have some accessory packed comic characters. There is no weak link in the MCU figures both heroes from Infinity War and Ant Man and the Wasp both capture the looks of the movie characters better the the previous wave. Between this Thor and the 3 pack we get the hero in all looks for the film. This time though he has Stormbreaker, and impressive weapon lightning effect and all. Black Widow has two looks her film version and normal Avengers look which is under the vest. With some slight modifications it is easy to update your older figures to give you an ultimate version of the Widow. While the main Avengers are impressive, the ancillary team members are equally so, capturing in intensity of Evangeline Lily and the snarky-ness of Paul Rudd. The Wasp has more than Ant Man, with different backpacks; one with the wings out and one in.

The comic figures are light in the this wave, but both have their charms. Malekith is almost a direct repaint of the SDCC version from last year. The new paint and new hand make him just different enough to keep the SDCC version unique for collectors, while allow the pubic to get this figure at retail. The Black Knight rounds out the wave, with not one but three looks. Throughout the years a few people have worn the armor, many look alike but the helmets were different, so giving this figure 3 heads allow collectors to pic their favorite version or buy 3 of them and have all of them.

This is one of the best balanced MCU waves to date, and one that is hard to pass if you are a true Marvel Legends collector.

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Thank you to both Hasbro and Mike’s Comics-N-Stuff for these figures to review

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