Marvel Legends Expands Thor’s Comic World

By kastor417 - December 5, 2017

 Hasbro and Marvel know how to make SDCC exclusives with just the right amount of exclusivity and repacks. This Thor set is a great mix of big names and lesser know comic characters.

Convention exclusives can be tricky, too much new and exclusive things and you anger fans, too little and it drops the demand for the set. Hasbro has been able to the last few years to make sure there is just enough for the die hard fans, but not enough to drive the prices up insanely on the secondary market. This set has two re-decoed figures, Lady Thor and Odinson, and three new figures, Ulik, Malekith, and Bor. For those of you wanting to complete the Thor bloodline Bor will help, giving fans the gigantic grandfather of Thor. This might seem like the most out there figure in the set, but he is also the most detailed and visually stunning figure. This figure show just how far this line has come in the past 15 years. The face sculpting and armor is like nothing we have seen in this line. Ulik borrow heavily from Rhino and Abomination, but the little details are also impressive. Both Bor and Ulik could have been Build a figures, so that is an added value to the set.

Malekith looks good, has a weapon, and needed considering his part in the second Thor film, but he the weak link in the set. Having him in the set was a good choice, because I doubt he would have been a huge draw at retail. His weakest point are his hands, they have a hard time holding on to his sword. Unworthy Thor and Jane are just repaints of the Thor Ragnarok figures, so those collectors who got them there won’t be too impressed. They are both good choices for the set, but not a huge draw.

This is without a doubt everything a SDCC set should be, and hopefully this trend will continue and maybe see some space characters with the Infinity War coming next summer? Or what we all really want- the Villains of the MCU box set, or as we all them the forgotten….

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