Marvel Legends Infinity War Build A Figures- The Mad Titan And His Muscle

By kastor417 - August 24, 2018

There is no doubt that Thanos and Cull Obsidian had to be build a figures, but how do that stack up to the other figures in the two waves. 

The biggest issue collectors will have with both figures is the fact that they are based on early concept art given to Hasbro by Marvel, and because of that they don’t accurately reflect the look of the on screen characters. That aside these are two impressive figures to own, and look still look impressive with your MCU Marvel Legends.

Thanos has a much darker skin tone the the film, and the head sculpt is off just enough that he could change his name as Star Lord says to Grimace. The size and scale of the figure matches the Mad Titan, making him and imposing figure next to the other Legends. This version comes with the Gauntlet fully powered up, and a closed fist a look you see a lot in the film. It is his default look in the film when using one of the stone’s powers, but it can be removed and swapped easily with the upcoming 3-pack’s open hand.

Cull Obsidian is one of the best Build-a-Figures to date. The almost nude figure is missing his tunic from the film, maybe Captain Marvel’s sash too, but is impressive nonetheless. It is clear this figure came later in the production process than Thanos just by looking at the head sculpt. There is no doubt this guy is both ugly and beautiful. unlike the Mad Titan, He comes with his hammer, which is the weakest part of the whole figure. It is missing it’s chain as well as any paint detailing. The whole Marvel Legends line has made great improvements over the last year, but the weapons tend to suffer. I highly doubt though collectors would sacrifice details on the figure though to improve the weapons.

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Thank you to both Hasbro and Mike’s Comics-N-Stuff for these figures to review

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