Marvel Legends Review: Jean Grey

By bill - August 29, 2013

ML Jean Grey feat]The long-in-demand Jim Lee style Jean Grey finally takes her place in Marvel Legends.

There’s a handful of heroes and villains that have resided constantly on fan wish lists for Marvel Legends, and thanks to Hasbro we can cross one of the biggest ones off that list– the Jim Lee designed 90s Jean Grey is here!

Jean has had a variety of iconic looks throughout the years, but her Jim Lee costume is one of the most well known, from the hugely popular 90s X-Men comics and the hit Fox cartoon show.  It’s taken years, and a whole bunch of other Jean costumes, but this figure has finally found a home in the latest series of Marvel Legends.

ML Jean Grey 19Unfortunately, the way Jean turned out, she may not have been entirely worth the wait.  She’s not a bad figure– she sports the Elektra body which I still believe works well in general, along with new rocker ankles for more posing options, and a welcome amount of newly tooled add-ons, such as her shoulder pads, belt and gauntlets, which set her apart visually from the other female characters on this base.

The main issue with this figure is the head– while Jean’s new portrait look wonderful, the head is pretty large, and its exaggerated by her hair.  This makes her look awkward on the thinner body, and makes standing the figure up a challenge in many poses.  If her head had been slightly smaller– or is she had used the sturdier new Moonstone base body– I can’t help be feel I’d like this figure a whole lot more.

But she’s by no means terrible, and in fact her semi-gangly proportions make her fit brilliantly with the X-Men Classics Jim Lee Cyclops from Toy Biz.  Jean’s paint is very well done, also, with a great metallic blue for her armor that contrasts nicely with her rich yellow uniform.  Jean may not be the perfect Marvel Legends version of the character, but she’s still a solid entry, and a very welcome addition to the ever-increasing team of mutant heroes.

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Check back all this week as we look at more of the new Marvel Legends!

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