Marvel Legends Thunderbolts Hitting Comic Con

By bill - June 6, 2013

thunderbolts-sdcc-featOne of the last major super-teams gets the Marvel Legends treatment at Comic Con this July.

Since the Toy Biz days, the Thunderbolts have been name dropped on card art, listed on fan polls and otherwise speculated for the long running Marvel Legends series, but after all this time Hasbro will finally be releasing the team as a box set exclusive at San Diego Comic Con next month.

USA Today revealed the Thunderbolts Marvel Legends box set, which will include 5 figures– Luke Cage, Moonstone, Ghost, Crossbones and Satana (AKA Judith Chambers), all packed in a box designed to replicate their headquarters, Thunderbolts Tower.

This is a great set, and a very cool idea for a Con exclusive– Thunderbolts are popular, but not quite A-list, and releasing this set at SDCC means it doesn’t have to have an Iron Man to anchor it.  Instead, we get a long-desired modern update of Cage (apparently built on the fantastic Hyperion body), a reissue of Crossbones (one of the toughest to find Legends of all time), and three all-new characters.  I can honestly say, I never thought I’d see Legends toys based on the likes of Ghost and Satana!

The set isn’t cheap (an apparent trend for Hasbro’s pricey 2013 exclusives)– it will set you back $90 at Hasbro’s booth at Comic Con– but it breaks out to a fairly reasonable $18 per figure.  And considering these are all-new characters and the first appearances of most of these badass anti-heroes, it’s basically a must-have for Legends collectors.

While we don’t know for sure, I’m confident that some of these guys will make their way into future mass retail assortments… I can’t see Hasbro not re-releasing the Moonstone and Cage figures in a Legends series to come, but at least some of these characters will likely stay exclusive to the SDCC set.

I am a bit surprised to see this reveal prior to an announcement about a Marvel Universe exclusive… it’s been weeks since the rumored SDCC exclusive Deadpool Corps prototypes popped up online, and we have yet to get official word on whether or not they are actually headed to San Diego.  I figured Hasbro would put that rumor to rest one way or the other, but nothing yet.

As for the Legends exclusive… cool, retail un-friendly characters, great looking figures, and cool packaging allows the Legends Thunderbolts set hits all the right buckets for a great Comic Con exclusive.  Let’s just hope Hasbro’s production run is high enough to meet demand…

Source: USA Today

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