Marvel Minimates Come From Netflix

By kastor417 - December 15, 2016

The first two 4-packs of Marvel Netflix Minimates are in stores just in time for the Holidays. Daredevil and Jessica Jones are the perfect combination of figures and accessories.

The first two 4-packs of Netflix characters are a good start to the world of the Netflix New York. Like the show, the Daredevil pack is stripped down to bare minimums. Both Wilson Fisk and Foggy have no real accessories, but the detailing on the suits make up for that. This Kingpin does not carry a cane or drop roses, so honestly he did not need anything, and Foggy spent most of the time in suits with his messenger bag, so having that makes him complete.

Daredevil himself comes with two looks, in his original costume and court room attire. I had some issues putting his fighting sticks in his holster, but otherwise he is a flawless figure. he has the look and feel of the first season hero, and is ready for action on rooftops or working in the courtroom. His suit and tie look is also perfect, with an alternate head with his glasses. There are times when Minimates only sort of look like the real people, and there are times when capture the look and feel of the actor, of all eight Minimates of both sets, Matt Murdock might be the most life like. The final figure is Claire Templeton, with sassy look and hooded look when she tried to hide her identity during season one of Daredevil. She also has alternate hands, gloved hands to help work on the many heroes she helps heal up.

The Jessica Jones set might be the most accessory packed set I have ever gotten. The set includes three cell phones, a camera, a video camera, a TV, a picture of Jessica, Chinese food eating alternate hands, and multiple looks for everyone in the set. It is amazing that for the same price as other sets collectors so many extra parts. The figures themselves are also a great addition to building the Marvel Netfilx world. Jessica has her leather jacket look and tank top, Killgrave is done up in his suit and dressed down, Luke Cage is in a tee or jacket, and Trish in her red leather jacket or relaxed look. The only figure with an alternate head is Killgrave, with his angry yelling look.

What is great about these two sets is being able to mix and match some parts, allowing you to preview a look for Luke Cage if he borrows Claire’s hoodie and adding Star Lord’s headphones. And with the Big Bang couch, you can start to build Jessica’s office space.

Thanks to DST for this review set

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