Marvel Select Aims True With Modern Era Hawkeye

By bill - April 23, 2015

MS-disney-hawkeye-featThe latest Marvel Select Disney Store exclusive brings Hawkeye’s current costume to the third dimension.

Marvel Select has really been on a roll lately.  On top of their wide release figures like Cable and Carnage, this spring has also seen the release of two more surprise Disney Store exclusives… first modern Thor, and now Hawkeye in his current solo series look.  Hawkeye is another very nice figure, who can strike a mean pose or two and comes packing some great accessories… but there’s a few shortcomings that prevent him from being an all-time great.

Let’s start with what’s good– first and foremost, the sculpt.  This all-new sculpt takes a more realistic approach to Hawkeye’s costume and his physique, which I very much appreciate.  Clint Barton’s current costume is, in essence, just a cool black and purple t-shirt with tactical combat pants and boots, and that realism is well translated into toy form, thanks to the figure’s various folds, wrinkles and light washes to add depth.

The other thing I really like about this sculpt is the realism of Clint’s proportions.  Yes, he’s jacked, as he should be… but this figure gives off the appearance of a normal human who’s in great shape, not an impossibly muscled superman.  That design choice makes sense for Hawkeye as a character, especially in the context of his current solo comic book, and it really works for this figure.

As far as poseability is concerned, Hawkeye is good, but not quite great.  Archer figures are always tough because it takes a lot of joints and a really good range to get natural shooting poses, and Clint’s figure falls short on truly realizing this.  But he’s still got a number of useful joints, and there’s lots of one or two-handed bow poses he can hit.  The hinged hips are quite effective is shifting the figure’s weight from side to side, which is especially helpful considering the slight twist of his abdomen.  In the end, this means Hawkeye has a unique, slightly relaxed stance, which fits the character way, way better than the typical chest-puffing super hero aesthetic.

I like Hawkeye’s accessories quite a lot.  We of course get the stuff you’d expect– his compound bow and some loose arrows– each with their own uniquely themed weapon tip– but that’s just the start.  This figure also includes a crossbow which can disassemble and store in a holster on his leg, as well as an alternate headsculpt and his pet dog Lucky.

MS Disney Hawkeye 032Lucky is a great new sculpt, and an extra I am much happier to have instead of a display base, and the alternate head is great.  This version not only removes Hawkeye’s glasses, but leaves him with a bandaged face and mussed up hair, clearly the result of getting knocked around in a fight.  Each headsculpt totally fits this feet of clay, realistic take on the character, and I honestly couldn’t even tell you which I think is cooler.

Aside from the limits of the arm articulation impacting Hawkeye’s ability to truly wield his bow, the only major missed opportunity with this figure are his loose arrows.  These pieces are totally fun, with their weaponized gimmicks, and they’re in perfect scale to the figure and his bows… but this also means they are fragile and prone to being lost easily.  Hawkeye features two quivers– one on his back and a sling on his thigh– but neither of these are hollow to allow for storage of the loose arrows.  It would go a long way if at least one of these quivers had been designed to store the arrows.  As it stands, as cool as they are, there’s next to nothing that can be done with them.

Like past Disney Store exclusives, Hawkeye is available in stores as well as  At less than $25, he’s a solid deal, bringing another modern take on a classic Avenger to Marvel Select’s toy line.  The Hawkeye figure sports a great sculpt with an interesting and well conceived sense of realism, lots of fun accessories and a sense of personality perfect for the character.  He’s got a few minor design issues– a lack of effective range in the arms, and a no storage for his cool arrows– but neither of these are enough to deny what a cool action figure Hawkeye is.

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