Marvel Select Aims True with the Winter Soldier

By bill - December 30, 2013

Winter-Soldier-featThe latest Marvel Select Disney Store exclusive is a fantastic surprise.

One of the nice surprises of the last two Holiday seasons were the surprise reveals of Disney Store exclusive Marvel Select figures.  Last year, we saw the release of a new Hulk, Flash Thompson Venom and the Lizard, and this year we get a new comic book style Winter Soldier.  Bucky is featured in his current solo comic look in a great all-new sculpt by Jean St. Jean and he makes for a great figure.

Winter Soldier 30The detail on the new Winter Soldier is very good, with his straps and pouches giving him an appropriate paramilitary look, while not inhibiting his wide range of articulation. From the folds of his uniform to the plates on his cybernetic arm, this guy is loaded with texture than makes him visually dynamic and quite realistic.  The head sculpt is good, although he’s got a bit of a lantern jaw, but it’s a unique take on the hero, making him stand out from the more generic looks we saw on the Marvel Legends version a few years back.

Once again, Marvel Select proves their talents when it comes to paint apps, as well.  What could have been a dull, all-black figure really comes to life thanks to the well-executed blue wash on his uniform, and the use of a medium brown for his webgear.  It helps break up the monochromatic uniform, and makes this take on Bucky really look unique, which I like a lot.  His metal arm features a heavy black wash, muting its presence, but also drawing out the nice detail in the sculpt.  The star insignia on Bucky’s shoulder, however, still stands out and is very noticeable.  Some feel Bucky’s skin is too pale, but I find the tone used here works quite well for the black ops hero, and keeps with his relatively muted overall color pattern.

Winter Soldier 09Bucky features a ball joint head, ball shoulders, hinged elbows, swivel wrists, an ab crunch, swivel waist, DCUC style hinged hips, swivels at the thigh and shin, double knees and rocker ankles, which allow for plenty of posing options.  This makes him lots of fun to pose and play with, and makes him work very well with his accessories.  The Soldier sports his big ass sniper rifle– which he can hold very well in one or both hands– a luger and a small machine gun.  The machine gun features a soft rubber strap which fits around the figure’s torso, so it can drape behind him when he’s not holding it.  Similarly, the pistol fits in the holster on Bucky’s leg, offering another welcome option for accessory storage.

Winter Soldier 03In addition to the small arsenal, Winter Soldier also includes a rather elaborate display base, featuring a backdrop of a shattered window, a piece of brick wall and a floor scattered with rubble, glasses and a crate stamped with Russian markings.  The set works very well with our hero, and he looks great posed with the window behind him, or aiming his rifle through the broken glass.

For $25, the Winter Soldier is a great bargain.  He’s very well sculpted, features lots of useful articulation and sports a healthy number of accessories plus a cool display base.  Like most modern Marvel Select figures, his 7″ scale makes him stand out drastically from Marvel Legends, but he fits well with other Select figures of similar 7″ toys like NECA’s lines.

The Winter Soldier is an exclusive to Disney Stores.  He is in stock at right now, and he’s also turning up at their brick and mortar stores nationwide.

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