Marvel Select Modern Thor Review

By bill - March 12, 2015

marvel-select-disney-thor-fThe latest Marvel Select Disney Store exclusive is one of their finest figures.

Marvel Select has a pretty impressive track record when it comes to toy versions of Thor.  Their Straczynski Thor was an all-time great, their movie Thor is one of the most sought-after Cinematic Universe figures, and now their take on Marvel Now! Thor joins the collection, as a Disney Store exclusive.

I have been much pickier about re-purchasing figures of characters I already own recently, but as soon as I saw this new Thor it was all over.  The Marvel Select team has really delivered with this guy.  The all new sculpt is stunning– the god of thunder is big and brawny, exactly as regal and god-like as he should be.  Thor’s current costume is a fairly simple design, but this figure packs in a lot of detail regardless, offering a cool, leathery texture to the hero’s boots and tunic, and a heavy weave to the threadwork of his cape.  From the bulging muscles to the determined expression on his face, this Thor most certainly means business.

Every facet of this great sculpt is accentuated by the incredible paint work.  Unlike many other Thor figures, this guy has a lived-in wear to his costume.  A muted brown finish on his clothing gives Thor a sense of realism which totally works for the design, and even his metal armor gets a great black wash to suggest this god has been through some stuff.

I love the muted tones of this figure, which make him look more like a high end statue than a toy… and yet he’s also loaded with tons of articulation.  Thor features a ball joint neck, ball joint ab crunch, ball shoulders, hinged elbows and wrists, a swivel waist, double jointed hips and knees and rocker style ankles.  While much of this articulation is smartly hidden, so as not to interfere with the beautiful sculpt, the result is still a figure with an outstanding range of motion.

Marvel Select Disney Thor 018

The craziest thing about this figure, though?  As great as the sculpt, paint and articulation are… none of these is my favorite aspect of this guy.  Now! Thor packs an extra punch thanks to his accessories, hands down the coolest ones ever packed with a Thor figure.  Thor includes his hammer (naturally), as well as a swappable second head with no helmet.  The heads can switch back and forth with ease, thanks to the sturdy peg of the ball neck.

Thor also includes an alternate right hand, sculpted in mid-swing.  What does he swing?  His second hammer accessory, a truly wild sculpt that replicates Thor’s iconic hammer spin motion.  This hammer (actually 12 of them in a circle) is sculpted as a single piece, with translucent plastic motion lines connecting them to provide a truly unique and delightfully comic book-y effect.  Thor can be posed spinning his hammer in front of him, at his side, or over his head, and he looks insanely cool in any one of these poses.  This spinning Mjolnir is– seriously– the coolest accessory I’ve seen in ages.

Like other Marvel Select releases, Thor’s $25 price tag is standard t high for a toy in this scale.  But the level of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and truly fun accessories packed into this figure makes him feel like a steal at this price.  I am truly floored by what a great job Marvel Select did with this figure… I never imagined they would dethrone their own Straczynski Thor in my collection, but this Marvel Now! version is even more perfectly realized.

Look for Marvel Select’s Marvel Now! Thor at the Disney Store, or Click Here to purchase online at

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