Marvel Select Transports Jane Foster To The Third Dimension

By bill - January 8, 2014

jane-foster-featThor: The Dark World‘s heroine becomes the latest movie figure from Marvel Select.

I was pleasantly surprised when Marvel Select revealed the second figure in their Thor: The Dark World collection would be Jane Foster.  While we could easily have seen another Loki figure instead, this is the first time Natalie Portman’s crusading scientist has received the toy treatment, and her character is a welcome change of pace in the wide range of Marvel movie toys.

Depicted in her Asgardian gown, Foster makes for a great looking figure, for sure.  From her flowing blue robes to the runes carved carefully on her Asgardian armor, this figure is loaded with screen accurate detail.  She’s finished off with a fantastic portrait of Natalie Portman, the most realistic version of the actress we’ve ever seen in toy form.

Jane features a ball neck, ball torso, ball shoulders, injection molded elbows, swivel wrists, ball hips, double jointed knees and hinged ankles… quite the articulation spread on a supporting character figure!  However the sculpt and the dress on her lower half obstruct the usefulness of some of these moving parts– her hair is soft enough to still get a good range of motion on her head but her leg articulation really only functions to inch her legs into a pose by which she can maintain her balance.

Keeping Jane upright can be tricky in general; she’s wearing movie accurate heeled shoes, but they limit the amount of foot space on which she can balance… and the figure is sculpted with a slightly forward-leaning posture that makes her somewhat top heavy.

What the figure lacks in range of motion, she more than makes up for in design quality.  On top of the gorgeous sculpting here, Foster gets a very strong paint job, highlighting the sculpt and adding a sense of realism to the robes via a dark wash that suggests texture.  The figure also includes an alternate head with black out eyes, based on the movie moment when she is possessed by the Aether, and each head changes out easily and with no fear of breakage.

Being Thor’s love interest, it makes sense that Foster’s display base would match the hero’s, so she gets the second half of a joint display base for both Marvel Select figures.  I can’t speak for Thor’s half, but Foster’s base is very nice, featuring a pile of rocks and a removable Dark Elf weapon which plugs into the ground.  Due to her high heels and slightly hunched posture, I do with the base included some pegs to help brace Jane to stand upright.  As it is, trying to stand her on a flat surface is a challenge, but posing her on this rocky display is even tougher.

Overall, Jane Foster is a beautiful and incredibly well sculpted new addition to Marvel Select’s movie collection.  While she suffers slightly in regards to articulation and balance, she’s a great fit for the Select Thor figures, and a refreshing choice to add to this series.  Jane is available now at comic book and specialty stores.  Thanks to Diamond Select for giving us the chance to take a look at the Jane Foster figure!

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