Marvel Select Unmasks Wolverine

By kastor417 - October 8, 2013

MS WolverineMarvel Select takes a classic look and gives its it a slight change. The brown costumed Wolverine is now available in an unmasked version from Diamond.

One of the most iconic looks for Wolverine has also been the brown costume. This is the costume he has worn in the 80’s and early on in Jim Lee’s X-men book. Marvel Select offered this version originally as a limited release but now is being offered to a wider audience.

The paint on the figure is clean and blends well together. There are minor issues around the belt, but nothing to major issues as a whole. The head sculpt is extremely detailed giving Logan a weathered and aged look and his hair is sculpted in the classic mutton chops and points. The articulation is lower than some other MS figures limiting his poseability. The figure is missing bicep and thigh cuts, not a deal breaker but should be noted for those who prefer more articulation.

There is only one accessory with the figure, his display stand. It’s part of the Weapon X facility, with pipes and his helmet. The helmet on my base is easy to remove making, but be careful it is not meant to be worn or held by the figure.

Overall this version of Logan is a must have for any X-men fans to complete their displays.

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