Marvel Studios Still Doesn’t Have Spider-Man? That Was Your Takeaway?

By staff-writers - October 29, 2014

wpid-spiderman-sad_thumb.jpgThis week, Marvel Studios had a special presentation to announce the upcoming 2015 – 2020 movie slate. But as always, some Marvel fans decided to focus on the negative. That Spider-Man is still at Sony. Really?

I swear to God there is just no pleasing people.

Marvel does this incredible presentation announcing their Marvel Cinematic Universe for the next five years, but all I see is more bitching and moaning. Saying things like there’s no way for the Civil War to be done without Spider-Man.

Oh my God, just shut up! This isn’t the comic books. This is the movie universe. Things are adapted, and a good writer can work around not having Spider-Man. The key word here: adaptation –  something that is adapted; especially : a movie, book, play, etc., that is changed so that it can be presented in another form.
Marvel just announced 9 new movies that fit into this universe they’ve created on screen, and all you can do is complain about no Spider-Man?!?! Get over it! Jesus!
I am so tired of this conversation. Look, Sony has the rights to Spider-Man and as of this moment, they have no plans to revert the movie rights back to Disney/Marvel Studios. If it does happen, that’s great!!! But it doesn’t seem like it will…so move on!
Personally, I think it’s a good thing that Spider-Man isn’t a part of the MCU. I kind of feel that if they did then we wouldn’t get the obscure characters like Guardians of the Galaxy and the such. Spidey is Marvel’s corporate icon, so he’d just overshadow everyone else.
And as I keep repeating and repeating (and repeating), comic book fans ARE NOT the target audience. In the studio’s eyes, we are a guaranteed ticket sale. They want to sell tickets to the larger audience that are not as familiar with these Marvel characters as we are. The general public has no idea that Spider-Man was the main focus point in the comic version of Civil War, nor do they care.
So far, Marvel Studios has done an incredible job bringing these characters to the screen and tying them all together into one universe. Trust them already. Marvel Studios knows what it’s doing.
This entire announcement was something to celebrate, so do that. Stop bitching about what isn’t happening, and get psyched about what’s coming down the pike.
It’s a great time to be a Marvel fan!

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